Version: 0.8.0

Naming Conventions

String and Character

PHP doesn't have a separate type for strings and characters, as opposed to some languages where string is defined as a list of characters. Still, as a convention in Parsica and its documentation, we generally use 'a', '1' (single quoted) to indicate a single character, and "a", "abc123" (double quoted) to indicate a string.

We also use single quotes to indicate constant strings or symbols, such as 'STATUS_SUCCESS';


Predicates are either prefixed with is or suffixed with pred.

$predicate = orPred(isEqual('5'), isEqual('6'));

Character Parsers

A parser for a single character is always suffixed with Char, as in digitChar(). These always output a string.


Some parsers have case-insensitive versions. These are sufficed with 'I'.

$parser = stringI('hello world');
$result = $parser->tryString("hElLO WoRlD");
assertEquals("hElLO WoRlD", $result->output());