Version: 0.4.0


The easiest way to build robust parsers in PHP.

Note: Parsica is very early stage, expect things to break.


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A lot of research & development went into this project. We think it can become the mainstream choice for building reliable parsers in PHP, and serve as a foundation for many advancements. Your support will help us to reach that goal.


  1. What are parser combinators?
  2. Building Blocks
  3. Running Parsers
  4. Mapping to Objects
  5. Order Matters
  6. Recursion
  7. Look Ahead
  8. Errors and Labels
  9. Side Effects and Events



  • Donate via Paypal. This project was researched and created entirely during unpaid time. Your contribution helps us with continued development.
  • Design Goals
  • Contribute by submitting code, documentation, examples, ... through pull requests.
  • Code of Conduct


Commercial training & support

E-mail us at to discuss options.

Community support

Submit questions as Github issues. Please label them with 'support'. Help us help you by submitting short bits of code that demonstrate the problem, and that can easily be copied and run.